middle school

The Encounter Bible curriculum values the methods of inquiry and discovery as students learn Bible truths and apply them to their lives.  Core elements during these years are the transformed life, service and our call to discipleship.  Students are taught to critically analyze their life choices in light of biblical truth.

In reading instruction, students move into book clubs where all students learn to analyze characters, plot, setting, author's purpose, etc. and discuss these elements with their peers.  The foundations of writing have been learned and students now continue to hone their skills by writing more complex texts.  Grammar and vocabulary are strengthened through this writing process.

Math is rigorous with plenty of time for students to ask questions.  In class students work on math problems and get teacher assistance for the more difficult concepts.  Eighth grade students will take pre-algebra or algebra 1 depending on their test scores and previous math performance.

The STEM focus continues in science through the use of the Socratic method, as well as developing students' abilities to incorporate the use of technology into their learning.  All students produce a short film on a given topic and participate in an annual STEM fair. Our science teacher is STEM-certified.

The social studies curriculum covers ancient civilizations, world geography and history and US history.  Class discussions, projects and activities are used to present the concepts being taught.

In physical education class, students learn to care for their bodies through fitness activities and team sports.  Skill development and sportsmanship are stressed.  This helps students gain an appreciation and respect for one another.  Music classes involve theory and appreciation, as well as giving students the experience of being in an ensemble by singing or ringing bells.