Beltsville Adventist School fosters academic, physical, and spiritual development within a healthy, safe, and caring community.

We hold our students to the highest standard. Students actively participate in their learning and collaborate with one another while striving for academic excellence.

We provide a strong academic foundation that enables students to read and comprehend complex text, attack rigorous math problems, apply the scientific method to draw conclusions, and write effectively in multiple genres. Furthermore, we provide a variety of extracurricular activities where students develop musical, physical, and academic skills.

Our faculty is dedicated to meeting student needs. Continual training ensures that our teachers enhance their professional expertise in all academic areas and remain current in educational trends. We continuously evaluate the effectiveness of our program by monitoring student progress.

We are committed to improving student use of technology to provide the skills necessary to be successful in our ever-changing world. Our teachers receive ongoing training to facilitate learning experiences embedded with technology.

We build relationships with church members, alumni, and extended families to enhance the overall financial resources to fund student scholarships and capital improvements.

In partnership with parents and churches, our teachers encourage students to develop their spiritual gifts to be ambassadors for Christ sharing His love with others.