Students in grades 3-8 have the weekly opportunity to participate in the sports intramural program. This is run by the physical education teacher.  Students are taught a variety of sports in a fun, safe environment after school.

BAS supports four interscholastic teams; boys basketball, girls basketball, boys soccer and girls soccer.  Students in grades 5-8 may try-out for these teams.  The goals of these programs are to continue to develop skills and strategies, teach students to work together as a team and to demonstrate Christian sportsmanship at all times.

drama club

Students in grades 6-8 can try-out for the Drama Club.  The club's director, Jen Ortiz, teaches students how to project their voices and speak clearly.  Students learn how to express themselves emotionally and non-verbally through their body language and expressions.  The Drama Club performs in May for a large audience.

yearbook club

Students in middle school have the opportunity to learn and develop photography skills as members of the Yearbook Club.  With guidance from an adult sponsor, Mike Edwards, students create a yearbook for all of the staff and students to enjoy!


robotics club

BAS Robocats

Led by Beltsville's youth pastor, Krysten Thomas, BAS has a competitive Robotics Club comprising middle school students.  Our Robocats compete at Pine Forge Academy and again in Orlando, Florida.