Grades K-2

The school day begins with worship and prayer.  From creation to salvation to the patriarchs of the Old Testament, to Jesus our friend, students discover the love of God and the fruits of the Spirit.

Throughout these years students develop a love of reading and writing. They are supported in reading with phonics instruction,  guided reading lessons, shared reading experiences and read-alouds.  In writing, they learn to write narrative stories, informational and opinion pieces around topics they have chosen.

The Big Ideas math curriculum, which is aligned to the Common Core Standards, is used to assist students in becoming competent in math skills.  Through the use of math manipulatives and games, students strengthen their number sense and problem-solving abilities.

Thematic social studies and science units are taught throughout the school year.

All students take music classes weekly.  They engage in experiences that include singing, developing pitch memory, listening and playing rhythm instruments to a steady beat.  Students engage in play through daily recesses, center activities and physical education classes.  Developmentally appropriate activities are used to grow gross and fine motor skills.